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Michigan Chillers      

Mayhem on Mackinac Island

Terror Stalks Traverse City

Poltergeists of Petoskey

Aliens Attack Alpena

Gargoyles of Gaylord

Strange Spirits of St. Igance

Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo

Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit

Sinister Spiders of Saginaw

Mackinaw City Mummies

Great Lakes Ghost Ship

AuSable Alligators

Gruesome Ghouls of Grand Rapids

Bionic Bats Of Bay City

Calumet Copper Creatures

Catastrophe in Caseville

Ghostly Haunting In Grand Haven



Sault Ste Marie Sea Monsters 



 Drummond Island Dogman





Campfire Chillers  

Creepy Campfire Chillers




Adventure Club


Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Grand

The Haunted Schoolhouse


American Chillers

Michigan Mega Monsters

Ogres of Ohio

Florida Fog Phantoms

New York Ninjas

Terrible Tractors of Texas

Invisible Iguanas of Illinois

Wisconsin Werewolves

Minnesota Mall Mannequins

Iron Insects Invade Indiana

Missouri Madhouse

Poisonous Pythons Paralyze Pennsylvania

Dangerous Dolls of Delaware

Virtual Vampires of Vermont

Creepy Condors of California

Nebraska Nightcrawlers

Alien Androids Assault Arizona

South Carolina Sea Creatures

Washington Wax Museum

North Dakota Night Dragons

Mutant Mammoths of Montana

Terrifying Toys Of Tennessee

Nuclear Jellyfish of New Jersey

Wicked Velociraptors of West Virginia

A Haunting In New Hampshire

Mississippi Megalodon

Oaklahoma Outbreak

Kentucky Komodo Dragons

Curse of the Connecticut Coyotes

Oregon Oceanauts

Vicious Vacuums of Virginia

The Nevada Nightmare Novel

Idaho Ice Beast

Monster Mosquitos of Maine

Savage Dinosaurs of South Dakota

Maniac Martians Marooned in Massachusetts

Carnivorous Crickets of Colorado

Underground Undead of Utah

Wicked Waterpark of Wyoming

 Angry Army Ants Ambush Alabama



Incredible Ivy of Iowa



North Carolina Night Creatures



Artic Anacondas of Alaska





Double Thrillers

Vampire Nation / Attack of the Monster Venus Melon


Freddie Fernortner


The Fantastic Flying Bicycle

The Super Scary Night Thingy

A Haunting We Will Go

Freddie's Dog Walking Service

Big Box Fort

Mr. Chewy's Big Adventure

Magical Wading Pool

Chipper's Crazy Carnival

Attack of the Dust Bunnies From Outer Space

The Pond Monster

Tadpole Trouble


Day of the Dinosaurs



Dollar $tore Danny    
 and the Dangerous Dinosaur
and the Salt Shaker Spaceship
and the Crazy Crayons
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Ghost On Gratiot Road

The World Is Black & White


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