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#14 Bionic Bats of Bay City

Winged monsters attack an entire city!

On a dark night in Bay City, Michigan, friends gather to play and innocent game of hide-and-seek. However, just as they begin to play, one of them sees a bat.

But it's not any ordinary bat. In fact, the bat is gigantic... as big as some of the children!

And there is more than one!

Forced to abandon their game, five children must flee the vicious attacks of these giant creatures from the sky. Unable to take refuge in their homes, they must fight to survive.

Where did these bats come from? How on earth did they grow to such enourmous size? More importantly: will the five children be able to defend themselve until help arrives...or will the bats have their way.

It's the night of horror in Bay City. For five friends, it just might be their last night alive!

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