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#26 Oklahoma Outbreak

Outbreak of Contagious Cooties!

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tricia Levine, Carlos Marcos, and Tommy Gersky are in big trouble.
        When Tommy makes a remark about girls having `cooties,' he's only making what he thinks is an innocent joke. Everyone knows that cooties don't really exist.
        Or, do they?
        Tricia, Carlos, and Tommy find out in a horrifying way that, indeed, cooties are for real. In fact, they are tiny, vicious insects whose bite turns humans into living, bloodthirsty zombies!
        When an outbreak of cooties takes over their school, the three friends must stick together and fight to stay away from a mob of infected kids, or risk becoming infected themselves. But they are only three against many. How can they possibly keep away from the hungry hoard of zombie-kids, along with the cooties that have infected them?

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