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#25 Mississippi Megalodon

Terror lurks beneath the surface!

Robbie Bridgeman and his two friends, Tara and Landon Phillips are in trouble.
        BIG trouble.
        When they set out for a day of fishing in Sardis Lake, Mississippi, they're hoping to catch big fish. They'll find one, all right. But this fish is far bigger than they could have imagined. The fish that has been lurking in the lake isn't a bass or bluegill or pike. It's a megalodon . . . a giant, prehistoric shark that is over sixty feet long.
        And Robbie, Tara and Landon are in a tiny rowboat.
        It's a battle for their lives as the trio tries to outsmart the enormous beast in the water. Will they survive and make it off Sardis Lake . . . or will they become fish food?

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