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#23 Wicked Velociraptors of West Virginia

All out assault in West Virginia!

When Brandon accidentally breaks a window with his softball, he's in for more than just a little trouble. For the home with the broken window belongs to non other than Dr. Joseph Wentmeyer, the crazy mad scientist and inventor.
        Brandon and his friend, Kara, agree to work off the cost of the window by cleaning up around Dr. Wentmeyer's laboratory. What they don't know is that the doctor has been working on a top-secret project: a time machine, capable of traveling years and years into the past. Brandon and Kara are the first passengers who will experience the new time machine in action . . . but something goes horribly wrong. The time machine malfunctions, and they travel back in time farther than they could have imagined.They find themselves millions of years in the past, and their journey through time is suddenly transformed into a nightmare!

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