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#22 Nuclear Jellyfish of New Jersey

Terror at the seaside!

Shayleen Mills and her family are vacationing at the popular seaside resort of Wildwood, New Jersey.
        But there's something lurking in the water . . . something hideous from the depths of the sea.
        When Shayleen spots a jellyfish on the beach, she doesn't think much of it. However, when a jellyfish rises into the air and attacks, she knows she's in a lot of trouble.
        Soon, the resort community is under attack by horrifying, glowing jellyfish. Shayleen and her two new friends find themselves trapped in an amusement park, surrounded by dozens of electrified, vicious creatures . . . creatures that have incredible powers. For Shayleen, it's a vacation she'll never forget . . . that is, if she can make it out of the amusement park alive! 

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