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#21 Terrifying Toys of Tennessee

It's playtime in Tennessee ...but these toys have a mind of their own!

Eric Carter, Mark Bender, and Shayleen Mills are three friends in Murfreesboro, Tennessee who sense that all is not right with a toy store that will be opening soon. How does a mysterious doll seem to walk and talk on her own? How does a strange monkey somehow come to life?
        In their search for answers, Eric, Mark, and Shayleen discover that there is a bizarre secret surrounding the toys and the new toy store . . . a secret that only the owner knows about.
        But when the three friends attempt to find out more, they quickly discover that the toys will do anything to stop them. In fact, the toys have already been makings plans of their own . . . plans that might mean the end of Eric, Mark, and Shayleen!

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