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Author Quest 2020

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The only camp of its kind in the world!

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If you want to sharpen your writing skills, become a better writer, and have a blast, Johnathan Rand's Author Quest is for you!

Open to young authors age 10 - 13, Author Quest is 4 days/3 nights of writing courses, instruction, and classes in beautiful northern lower Michigan. Oh, there will be lots of other fun activities, too . . . but this camp's main focus is on becoming an even better writer! Instructors include Johnathan Rand and other published authors! No matter what kind of writing you enjoy: fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thriller/horror, humor, mystery, poetry, history . . . this camp is designed for writers who have this in common: they LOVE to write, and they want to improve their skills!



What will you do at Author Quest? You will write. Then, you'll write more. And more. This camp is ONLY for students who take their writing seriously, and, if your application is accepted, you'll write more in four days than you may have ever written before . . . and have a great time doing it! Of course, there will be many other activities to enjoy, including some *special* surprise events!


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Cost is $400 per student, which includes all meals and activities. A refundable $100 deposit is required upon the acceptance of your application. Note that each student will be responsible for various necessities such as toiletry items, bedding, etc. A map to camp and a list of what to bring and what not to bring will be included in your application packet upon acceptance to Author Quest. (Advance warning: NO PHONES, video games, mp3 or CD players will be allowed! These will be confiscated and sold at auction on-line. Camp counselors will split the money! You've been warned!)


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If you'd like to be considered for Author Quest, here's what you need to do:

1) If you're between the ages of 10 and 13, discuss with your parent(s)/guardian about why you'd like to attend Author Quest, and if it would be possible.

2020 Dates: June 24 - 27 CANCELLED; August 12 - 15. No, it's NOT too early to register! All camps fill to capacity. 2020 Camps will be held at Ocqueoc Outdoor Center (Presque Isle County, Millersburg, Michigan).

2) Download and fill out the official Author Quest application worksheet, and include a 100-word essay about why you wish to attend Author Quest, and what you expect to achieve. Please note that not all applicants will be selected to attend Author Quest, so do your very best! Only 60 young authors will be selected to attend each camp, so it will be important that you fill out your application request and send it in right away. ONCE AGAIN: ALL CAMPS FILL TO CAPACITY. If you wish to attend, don't delay.


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Questions about Author Quest? 

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