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Fan Club FAQ

Fan Club


You lost your card? ... What is the card for? ... When do I get the newsletter? ... Where is my newsletter? ... If you have any of these questions, read on! We've got all the answers right here!

Q. When do I receive my newsletter?

A. The American Chillers Newsletter, called 'The Chillermaniac,' is sent out once a month through e-mail.

Q. I haven't been receiving The Chillermaniac. Why not?

A. There are a few reasons why you are not receiving The Chillermaniac.
One: Your email is not registered with us. To check if we have your correct email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Two: Your email is over quota. This means you have too much stuff in there! You need to delete or move some of your old emails out.
Three: The software you receive your email (Outlook Express, Eudora, AOL) is blocking emails coming from American Chillers. Each software program is different, you will need to look in their help files to correct this.
Four: We don't have your email. Click on the link above to send it to us.

Q. Prizes! How do I win prizes?!

A. Because you're an American Chillers Fan Club Member, you are already entered for every give-away we have! Plus, there are games and contests each month in The Chillermaniac.

Q. Okay... I lost my membership card. Can I get a new one?

A. If you've lost your card, simply send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with $1, and we'll send you a replacement card.

Q. What do I do with my card? Do I get special deals with it?

A. Bring your card to Johnathan Rand book signings for special giveaways. Also: if you ever visit Chillermania, bring your card for a special discount on your purchase.

Q. Do I get special deals at the Online Store?

A. Yes, you can! When we send out Special Sale Emails, you will receive a Promo Code, a code that allows you to get those special deals. But remember! We need your current email address to send you those Special Sale Emails!

Q. I don't have an email address. What do I do now?

A. American Chillers Fan Club uses email to talk to the fan club all of the time, so getting an email address is pretty important... but not completely necessary. Free email accounts are provided by many companies, but your parents need to make that decision. If we have a Fan Club Sale, we will show it on the Cyber Super Store home page, but we will not have the Promo Code on the page. When you find out there is a sale, you will need to call us at our toll free number. But PLEASE DO NOT CALL UNLESS THERE IS A FAN CLUB SALE SHOWN ON THE WEB SITE!

Q. What if I have a question that's not on this page?

A. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will answer it right away... and that's a fact!

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